Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Funny things Kids Say
Pamela JessupMy son was about 3 yrs old being asked by a stranger how old he was. He was shyly clinging on to my leg with both hands suddenly forgot what the stranger asked and looked at me and whispered "mom your legs are like jello, look!" He had my thigh between both tiny hands and moved them back and forth and started laughing. I think we watched too much Bill Cosby and his jello commercials!

natalie heidlerIn 2000, my husband and I took our then 5 year old son to Disneyworld for the first time. This was also his 1st airplane ride. He was so excited. He got to take his picture with the captain and we showed him the pictures of the plane from the manual. After we landed the plane was dead silent as we were heading to the gate. All of a sudden our son shouts out "Daddy, are we going to get to go down the slides?" and the entire plane burst into laughter. I'll never forget it.

Sharon StochelI give timed math tests to my students. They were used to me laying the test on their desk printed side up. The principal administered the test one day. He put them printed side down on their desk and said "Begin." One boy finished a lot less problems than usual. When I asked him what happened he said, "It was kind of hard to see through the paper." He didn't turn the paper over.

Christine MillerAs an eager first-year teacher, I was busy setting up my 6th grade classroom when a girl burst in, eyeballed me, and then started out. Apparently she just wanted to look at the new teacher. I called to her, wanting to know her name and introduce myself. She opened the door once again, and before disappearing, she shouted ominously, "Watch out for that 6th grade! Last year, they ran that teacher out!!"

Robbie Obringer(Robbie is just turning 3) Robbie had his shirt off in the kitchen while I handed him two Hershey Kisses. He unwrapped them both, put them up to his nipples, and said, "Look, Mom! HERCHEE-NIKKLES"!

Linda ElmanOur son was six when we announced the arrival of a new sibling. Immediately he asked if he could give the baby a bottle. ”Yes,” I assured him, but then I explained that I would be breastfeeding the baby at first. He went silent, then held his cupped hands palm up in front of him (indicating breasts) and asked with great curiosity, “How do you heat those things up?”

John R. DesmaretzMy two girls were 5 & 10 respectively and were full of creativity. The youngest, feeling especially creative, managed to get to cans of enamel paint in the garage. Returning from work I found her painting flowers all over the entryway of our home. Angrily I said " Danielle, look what you have done, pictures on our new stairs." Without blinking she said" "Its all right Dad, I don't care if they walk on them."

Joie HarringtonSimple Story but True - From 30 Years Ago: I made spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner. This time I added whole button mushrooms. As I placed a plate of spaghetti in front of my young son and daughter, my daughter quietly said "There is an intruder in my spaghetti.", referring to the mushroom. In our family, we still call mushrooms in spaghetti sauce "intruders".

Julie UrbanAs a teenager I babysat for a three-year-old little boy named Chuckie. One day, as his mother was giving me instructions before she left for the evening, Chuckie suddenly ran out the door and down the block. I ran after Chuckie and when I caught him and asked why he ran he said, "A Chuckie's got to do what a Chuckie's got to do." How could I argue with that?

lucas soltysikLucas likes to let lighting bugs go inside the house. He says we dont need lights with them in the house.

Sheryl DeyarminMy 6 year old daughter and I were watching a show on animal planer about alligators. As they showed the babies hatching she looked at me and asks"did I break my own egg or did you have to help me".

Sheryl DeyarminOne day my 6 yr old daughter called me into the bathroom. When I got in there, I asked what she wanted. SHe looked at me and with a confused look on her face said "sometimes I pee out my thoughts". "Maybe thats why you are always forgetting because you pee alot".

Doreen VanGorpI was trying on a bridesmaid dress at the end of a hallway that had a full length mirror. My then, 5 year old son asked me what I was doing. I said, “I’m trying on a dress that I will wear to stand up in Uncle Ron’s wedding.” He replies, “Why do you have to stand up, aren’t there any chairs there?” Priceless!