Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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DLC Industries - "Your Values Magazine has been the most eective form of advertising we’ve done. Prior to Your Values, we spent thousands of dollars on numerous publications and other advertising mediums. Because we weren’t geing results with any of them, we were very hesitant to spend money on anything else. Since Crown Point Values focused on our local market (which we were trying increase our presence in) and the quality was higher than anything else out there, we gured we’d give it one try. We received more business throughout the rst issue of Crown Point Values than we had the entire previous year with all other forms of advertising combined! We’ve now been advertising in Your Values Crown Point edition for almost 2 years and yield great results with each issue.

I now trust them with 4 of my businesses and have seen an increase in sales with each one of them. I highly recommend trying Your Values Magazine if you’re aempting to increase your hometown marketshare."

Pinnacle Hospital - "I am writing to recommend the advertising services of Your Values Magazine. I have been using Your Values to advertise hospital services for the past nine months, and have been completely satised. As a maer of fact, we opted to advertise into an additional market that they have.

Ms. Kate Helfen has been fantastic to work with...her knowledge and aention to detail have aided in re-branding ourselves. She is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the extra time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.

Today’s super competitive market is becoming more challenging, with this being said, I feel condent in recommending Kate Helfen and Your Values Magazine.

Man Cave Barbers LLC - “The Crown Point Values Magazine has been a very advantageous tool for marketing my business. Since the magazine is mailed to the homes of the area, I know that my business is targeting the customer base I truly want. Many people think the mail system is going away, but we find our customers look for our advertisement. They will say how nice it is we offer a coupon. The look of the magazine is outstanding. The service of the staff is wonderful. My business is small, so I don’t really have the ability to create an advertisement layout. The staff takes my not-so-easy-to-understand directions, and creates a beautiful advertisement. I am very appreciative of the Crown Point Values Magazine.”

Crown Point Auto Repair - "I would like to inform you of the success we’re having with your Magazine. Since opening, we’ve tried many forms of advertising; however, none has been nearly as successful as Your Values Magazine has before us. With each issue, your magazine has more than quadrupled our redemption rate in coupons compared to any other advertisement we’ve done, including the newspaper and other print advertising. I believe that the success we’re having with your magazine is due to your focus on increasing our hometown customer base as well as the quality of our ads your design team creates for us. 

I look forward to continued business through Your Values Magazine, and I would recommend this publication to any business in the market they cover. ank you for increasing our local market share."

At Your Bark and Call - "I’m writing today to let you know what a pleasure Kate Helfen, from your Sales Department, has been during the past few months. Kate has assisted our business, At Your Bark and Call, Bed & Bath, Inc., with an eective advertising schedule for our new Grooming Salon, Day-care and Pet Hotel in Crown Point. Most recently, the ad she placed for our official Open House, helped to generate over 300 local residents passing through our doors.

Her friendly professional, and easily accessible personality has been impeccable and we look forward to working with her in your upcoming Crown Point and Valparaiso editions."

Tiger Plumbing - "Crown Point Values allows our company to reach new customers in our hometown by branding our business in a high-gloss, high-color and high-impact advertisement! We have had over a dozen new customers resulting from our first issue. Our second advertisement produced even more results. Crown Point Values goes above and beyond marketing; they actually brand your business with great sales results! Customers have called our office just to compliment us on our ads featured in the Crown Point Values magazine. Customers want to patronize local businesses… Crown Point Values is that venue to get your company in front of those customers! Thank you Crown Point Values for increasing our customer base in Crown Point!"

The Super Bowl, Inc  - "I want to thank you so much for the work you do with your magazine.  I was hesitant at first purchasing the advertising, mainly because of cost issues, the economy is bad for everyone especially small business owners.  My center could not afford to put out the money for advertising if we wouldn't see a return.  After careful consideration, and the fact that this is the first publication that focuses ONLY on the Crown Point Community, and it's small business owners, I thought I would take a chance and hope that Crown Point would embrace this magazine and use it's information.

After our first ad came out we got a great response! A special that my center has been running for years, Thursday $1 Days, and have advertised in other publications in the past, suddenly got an increase in business. Almost everyone that came in that first Thursday after the magazine came out said they read bout it in CP Values Magazine, or someone had told them about it after reading our ad! I was astonished at how effective it was in the first week of coming out. Again, I had been running advertisements for years in the newspaper and other "specialty publications" but I have never received a response like I did when I started advertising with you.

I believe that the success of my advertising in your magazine is because of your target in the Crown Point Community.  This city is built on small business owners and sadly it's hard to keep afloat nowadays. It is so nice to know that your publications is here to feature us and let the community know you don't have to go out of town to buy things or do fun activities with your family and kids, Crown Point has it all!"

New Image Body Shop  - "Our ad in Crown Point Magazine has produced a very satisfying response. It's brought new customers to our shop for engine service and brake work. These customers have taken advantage of the great value of our coupons for basic services.  This has helped us identify totally new customers and introduce them to our full range of mechanical repair and body shop services"

Beggars Pizza - "Crown Point Values, in its first issue, had exceeded our expectations in returned coupons.  This unique magazine design makes customers want to flip through every page.  We look forward to continued advertising with Crown Point Values."